Magneto-inductive cable analyse

We have developed an expertise which enables to analyze and control the power tranmission lines, but also other types of cable. Our expertise has also been qualified by RTE for the non-destructive testing of steel core overhead conductors.



To monitor the operating condition of the lines and environmental conditions along the lines
To discover hidden dangers that threaten or affect their safe operation in good time


An induction machine intended to detect any faults is fixed to the cable. I is attached to a robot which tows it over the entire cable. The radio-controlled tractor robot is started and controlled remotly.

The induction machine machine containing magnets is closed around the cable to be inspected to create a magnetic circuit. Permanent magnets that are attached to a soft iron core magnetic bridge create a magnetic field.

Inductive coils are placed close to the homogeneous field section to intercept the radial components of the flux lines which will be deflected by obstacle effect in the presence of a fault